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Saudi Green Initiative

Creating New Standards For Sustainable Development

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Saudi Green Initiative

Soudah Development is committed to follow and support the environmental efforts of Saudi Arabia to achieve environmental sustainability through several initiatives, such as the development of vegetation cover, the reintroduction of wildlife, and the rehabilitation of forests and parks, with the aim of restoring the ecosystem, in line with Saudi Vision 2030​

Soudah Development man sight seeing
Soudah Development man sight seeing

Planting More Than One Million Trees

Soudah Development announced plans at the Saudi Green Initiative Forum to plant more than one million trees in the project area by 2030. Averaging 100,000 new trees annually, the initiative will increase vegetation cover and help to restore the natural mountain ecosystem.

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Reintroduction of Wildlife

In 2021, Soudah Development released 15 Nubian ibex in cooperation with the National Center for Wildlife. This was the first step towards resettling endangered animals in Soudah and contributing to Saudi Vision 2030. It is also a continuation of the company’s efforts to restore the ecosystem, protect biodiversity and reintroduce wildlife.​

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Rehabilitation of Forests and Parks

Soudah Development continues its efforts of rehabilitating the national parks to preserve the unique environment, develop the vegetation cover, and restore the ecosystem to achieve the company’s strategy and support the Kingdom’s environmental efforts in facing climate challenges.

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His Royal Highness Mohammad Bin Salman

In implementation of the directives of His Royal Highness Mohammad bin Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, Crown Prince and Prime Minister​, in the Green Saudi Initiative, Soudah Development is working on planting more than one million trees in the project area by 2030.

Natural forests cover less than 1% of the territory of Saudi Arabia and are mainly located in the mountainous areas in the southwest of Saudi Arabia. Juniper trees represent more than 90% of these forests and they occupy the higher areas, ranging from 1,500 to 3,015 m above sea level.

In Soudah and elsewhere in the region, these forests have been subjected to misuse, intensive grazing, severe felling, and different other human activities. Consequently, large areas of forest soil have lost important properties, such as the availability of organic matter, profile depth and moisture-holding capacity that helps trees grow naturally from seeds. This also caused an ecosystem imbalance that forced native animals to migrant.​

Hence, SDC has committed to improving the forest cover of the area, preserving its natural resources, and protecting wildlife through rehabilitating national parks and launching several initiatives that contribute to restoring the ecosystem.

Soudah Development has so far identified the local juniper tree (Juniperus procera (Hochst. ex Endl.)) and several local acacia species (Acacia spp.) as main candidates for reforestation. There are around 20 other native forest species that can be considered for this purpose. In addition, the company released 15 Nubian ibex, which led to the birth of nine newborn ibexes, as part of the objectives for reintroducing wildlife in the project area.

All these initiatives contribute to consolidating the concept of environmental sustainability, developing a luxury mountain tourist destination, supporting the objectives of the Public Investment Fund to achieve the goals of the Saudi Vision 2030, and developing the tourism and entertainment sectors in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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