Main Partner of Dakar Rally 2022

Soudah Development is proud to be a main sponsor of Dakar Rally 2022, one of the world’s toughest endurance motorsports held annually. Our partnership will bring the Asir Region’s rich history of culture and heritage to millions of sports fans and hundreds of competitors.

We are excited to present an authentic Asiri band which will perform traditional music and dance as part of the entertainment in some of the bivouacs, temporary camps motorists will use during the 8,000km rally race. It will see them travel across Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s sandy and extraordinary landscape, passing through Hail, Riyadh, Jeddah and the Asir region, where Soudah Development is building a luxury year-round mountain escape.

One of the oldest demonstrations of living culture in Asir are the Flower Men.  Male members of the Asir tribe who maintain the practice of donning colorful crowns made of flowers, herbs and greenery such as marigolds and aromatic marjoram. Dakar Rally 2022 represents an opportunity for us to celebrate Asiri culture and heritage with sports fans all around the world.

It is the first of many events we will support to highlight the immersive experiences – from sports and entertainment to wellness, culture and heritage – tourists can enjoy. Our partnership underscores a commitment to deliver on the goals enshrined by Vision 2030.

Official 2022 Route




DAKAR 2022